Why Angels? 

In August of 2017, I was sifting thru a large tote of white glass to begin making beach glass trees for fall/winter. I set aside a large triangle, then a couple of smaller triangle shapes. I was looking for tops of trees, but I noticed I had an Angel sitting there on a block of wood. Right on top of my tote of glass? Yep, a round shape that was the perfect size and scale for the Angel that I had no idea I was creating. From there, I saw many angels as I worked to create beach glass trees. 

I adore creating them, as those buying an Angel always have a reason for doing so. Either they are gifting them to somebody who has suffered a loss, or is going thru a difficult time. Or sometimes the Angel is for an expectant mother, or to celebrate the purchase of a new home. For me, its rewarding that my art comforts another, or brings them meaning/joy.