Emma’s Art Auction


Stella’s Art Gallery and Lighthouse Advisers  are teaming up to raise money for the Miracle League of Lake County. The Miracle League is a charitable organization that helps communities build baseball fields and playgrounds that are designed to allow those with serious physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to participate in baseball. Fields and playgrounds are built specifically to allow for wheelchair use.

All art is displayed at Lighthouse Advisers at 8450 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, Ohio 44060 until the closing reception June 14th from 7-9pm

"Innocence" Daisies is my submission. Daisies (to me) are symbols of purity and innocence, which are qualities I associate with children. I especially believe ALL children deserve the right to play, and that adaptable baseball fields and playgrounds should be peppered throughout communities. 

A school friend of mine advocated for this (and so much more) in Chicago. She is responsible for me being aware of this at all. Click here to read her story.  

Link to Emma's Art Auction for online bidding: