6" x 9" Stone Snowman on Salvage Wood

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Created January of 2018... will do more snowmen next winter. 

Stone snowman on salvage wood washed with antique white paint. Metal accents, rubber scarf washed with blue paint to accent the blue flower (from an old clip, found on the beach last summer) on Mrs. Snowman's hat. 

I posted a photo of a snowman on Instagram several days ago; a client requested it custom to give as a Christmas gift. I was surprised by the interest, though there is still quite a bit of winter left!! Figured I'd make a few. Also, it seemed fitting. In Cleveland, we've been getting pounded with snow since before Christmas. 

My Grace Dog and I walk on the beach each day. She swims, runs off her excess energy and I collect beach glass, stones, metal, wire, plastic, rubber... bring it all home in my backpack to be used in my art—or recycled.  

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