Landscape on Wood Box Panel

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Landscape acrylic painting on a new, wood box that measures 11” x 14.” Box is about 1 1/2” deep. Can easily hang on a wall, or sit on a shelf.

It isn’t often I paint a landscape, but I always want to!! Walking outside on the beach (Lake Erie, east of Cleveland) or in the woods with my dogs, natures colors are stunning—in every season. I’m always stopping to take photos with my phone. I’m including the inspiration for this painting (final photo in series from 01/28/23), taken the final weekend in January, on a winter walk. 

Most people love sunny blue skies, bright green leaves. Of course I love sunshine!! But I’ve always had a special appreciation for more muted tones of winter. 

Wood Box: This painting is not done on my typical salvaged wood. It is painted on a new wood box, purchased (gasp!!!) from art supply website. As shown in photo, it sits about 1 1/2” off the wall.