ORIGINAL White Beach Sea Glass Tree

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Original white beach sea glass tree on 19" x 29" piece of salvage MDF with textured background. Texture looks a bit like cement. The gray background can be darkened, if that works better for buyer. Tree base is driftwood.

This one is heavy! Back is wired for easy/straight hanging.

Normally, I'd make 8-10 larger trees. 2017 has been different. I've made so many smaller trees on salvage wood, that I lack the time and supplies to make the handful of large trees this year.

Where do I find supplies? I walk the beaches of Lake Erie (east of Cleveland) daily with my dog, Grace. I find what I find and rarely alter the shapes; beach glass, metal, driftwood, rubber, wire, and plastic finds its way into my art. What I don't use gets recycled.

Interested, but want another size or color? Message me. I'll do my best to accommodate orders until December 15th.