"Darling Daughter" Daisies

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"Darling Daughter" has been popular. Though some call it a weed, the daisy represents happiness and joy to me. As does my daughter. Looking for a relaxed vibe, I chose a pale palette to compliment the stone daisies.  

In my blog Playing with Perfect, I've jokingly referred to my female offspring as "Darling Daughter" for years. She teases me incessantly about my "sticks and rocks" and my "art." Then I finish something, and she loves it. Stops mocking me. ( If only for a few minutes…) "Darling Daughter" is her favorite. When I finished, she made me promise not to sell it, so she could keep it. I agreed. 

But others connected with it, too...

I'd been thinking of doing prints for months. Too often, I finish a project and many people want it; but there is only one original. Or I can't part with a favorite, and repeatedly refuse to sell it. Creating prints allows me to keep an image, and sell the original. It also means others may have framed prints, after the original is sold. (I allow myself two favorite originals now.) 

After much thought and research, I settled on The Paul Duda Gallery in Tremont (Cleveland) and Brecksville because of their quality work. If I'm doing this, I'm doing it right! They scan originals and create beautiful Giclee fine art prints, on heavy, fade resistant, matte paper. I’ve been thrilled with their work.  

“Darling Daughter” is my first print. Without my advertising it, or having an online sales site—it has done quite well.

What makes Darling Daughter" special? 

  • Soft, soothing colors make it a great gift to daughters heading off to college. (My own daughter has it over her bed at college.) 
  • Fits with any décor or style—depending on the frame that houses it.
  • Timeless. Unique. Pretty!
  • 50 Signed and Numbered in this series. 

QUESTIONS? Please contact me. I'm happy to hear from you. 

Thank you to all who have supported, continue to support my art. I so enjoy creating each design and I'm so excited to enter this new chapter! 

Here we go....


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