Art has been my vehicle...

I'm not a trained artist; I actually hold a B.A. in Finance/Management. But art has been my vehicle, something within me that I hadn't known existed until about 10 years ago. 

My life went off track in most every way I can think of, which I chronicled in a blog called PlayingwithPerfect. In all of the mess, I emerged an artist. I'm grateful beyond measure for the downturns, challenges that led me to art--and for the financial help art has lent me in raising my children, rebuilding my life. 

I'm committed to using my art to help others and I'm happy to donate to events and fundraisers, locally and nationally. 

I'm especially passionate about supporting women, single parents, children (especially underprivileged children) , and families. I know firsthand how difficult it is to be a single parent. 

Contact me, and I'll do what I can.