Mini Stone Snowman on 2 1/2 x 5 1/2 Salvage Wood

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Stone Snowman

Petite White Stone snowman on salvage wood washed with black paint. Stone hat, wire scarf, and green plastic flower. The 3 white stones are cool because they are untouched, exactly as I found them on the beach—they have texture, sparkle, and color variation. 

2019 snowman are made from materials salvaged from the beaches of Lake Erie; rubber buttons and eyes, bent metal carrot noses brushed with orange paint. Scarves are a mix of rubber, wire, and metal. Hats accessorized with plastic hair clip parts, flowers, twisty metal. Accented with acrylic paint, some have a touch of glitter, and all are sealed for safety, durability. 

Each snowman takes a long time to make—it’s unlike a large quantity, unless there is a custom order, or I’m asked to do so. 

My Grace Dog and I walk on the beach each day. She swims, runs off her excess energy and I collect beach glass, stones, metal, wire, plastic, rubber... bring it all home in my backpack to be used in my art—or recycled.  

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