Beach Glass Daisies on Funky Shaped Salvage Wood

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Beach glass daisies on 8” x 9” x 9” (nearly 2” thick) piece of funky, shaped salvaged wood. Petals are white beach glass and centers are brushed with gold glitter (sealed). Embellished with beach salvaged copper wire, green beach glass, and a “picket fence” made from antique train track. 

Background was painted black (on all sides) and then brushed with navy blue paint on the front to mimic the sky. 

Unique, mixed media, one of a kind art. Tons of texture and movement!!! 

My Grace Dog and I walk on the beach each day. She swims, runs off her excess energy and I collect beach glass, stones, metal, wire, plastic, rubber... bring it all home in my backpack to be used in my art—or recycled.  

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