"Calm" Beach Glass Marble on Sandy Driftwood 5 x 7 Print ~ Signed

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"Calm" is a beach glass marble I found on a slab of dry, sandy, driftwood. It looked so pretty, I took a photo. The print is 5 x 7, signed, and unframed. It's packaged with a white 8 x 10 mat, foam backing, in clear cellophane--ready for framing! 

The Story...

Of course I expect to find driftwood, beach glass, and stones when I walk on the beach. Beach glass marbles are rare. Finding one brightens my day and I take it as a sign of good luck, and in this instance I took a photo. Can't count how many times I've heard, "How do you find marbles? I've never found a marble on the beach."  People like this print. I think it's because it's somehow calming and soothing.  It looks like it could hang in a spa, or tropical vacation destination, or be on the cover of a Zen meditation CD. If I look at it for a full minute, I'm peaceful and relaxed.  

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