Beach Glass Palm Trees - Framed

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Beach glass palm trees housed in Upcycled 10” x 12” painted, vintage frame. Palm trees are green beach glass, tree trunks are rubber washed in brown paint, and sand was collected on the beach. (Lake Erie, Perry, Ohio.) Beach sand mixed with a dusting of gold glitter. 

Why Palm Trees? I actually have a good following of clients originally from up north, who now live part of the year in southern states... South Carolina, Florida, etc. Quite a few have asked for palm trees made with Lake Erie materials. I took a swing at it, and can make more... framed or unframed. 

My Grace Dog and I walk on the beach each day. She swims, runs off her excess energy and I collect beach glass, stones, metal, wire, plastic, rubber... bring it all home in my backpack to be used in my art—or recycled.  

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