Funky White Chapel on Salvage Wood

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Original Art on funky shaped 4 1/2” x 14” slab of salvage wood. This is made to sit on a mantle, table, or shelf—but has hook on back for hanging. It’s whimsical, colorful, a departure from my usual work. 

Material that I find/rescue ALWAYS dictates the art created. This oddly shaped piece of wood could only be a church!! It is painted antique white. Door is stained wood, accented with silver metal. Windows and doors made from slivers I Salvage when Cutting salvage wood with the table saw. Sides, “roof” and back of church painted a rich brown/black. Accented with silver beach metal. 

The center, round stained glass window is embellished with blue, green, turquoise, and white beach glass. 

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