White Chapel on Salvage Wood

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Original Art on funky shaped 7” x 29” slab of salvaged, cherry wood. This could sit on a mantle, but is wired on back. Probably works best hanging on a wall. It’s whimsical, colorful, a departure from my usual work. 

Material that I find/rescue ALWAYS dictates the art created. This oddly shaped piece of wood could only be a church!! It is painted antique white. Door is rubber, looks to be part of a cell phone case? Windows created with salvaged rubber and metal. Sides, “roof” and back of church painted a rich brown/black. 

The center, round stained glass window is embellished with white, pale green, and blue beach glass. There is also beach glass tucked in the door’s window. Cross also created with salvaged metal. 

Materials found along the beaches of Lake Erie. Cleaned and sealed for safety. 

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