Landscape on Salvaged Wood

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Salvaged 14” x 8” (about 1” thick) wood painted to look like the beach. At least to me!! Creams, varied shades of blue from pale to deep navy blue. 

The coolest part is the groove in the wood (see side view) and the textures really look like flowing water. It has a slight shine from the sealant. It had to be sealed, so the wood “stream” would not chip, or flake off. 

Funny story... 

One of my good friends (now my neighbor) heats her home with a potbelly stove all winter. Her husband purchases wood by the dump truck load from a friend who cuts down trees. I’ve taken to digging thru the piles of wood to use for my art. To the point where my friend calls me when the red dump truck shows up. And I happily put my boots, gloves, and flannel on to help unload it!! I get so excited to see what I’ll find—doesn’t matter if it’s cold, raining, snowing!! I tell my friend she cannot toss the pretty pieces in her stove. Being an artist is quite glamorous. 

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