Funky White Chapel on Salvage Wood

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8”x 15 1/2” Original Art on funky shaped slab of salvage wood. This is made to sit on a mantle, tableadde, or shelf—but has hook on back for alhanging. It’s whimsical, colorful, a departure from my usual work. 

Church is painted antique white. Door is stained wood, accented with silver metal. Lower window is dark brown metal accented with silver metal, and beach glass. The cross is rusted metal on top of round metal. All “found objects” from the beaches of Lake Erie, Cleveland. 

And the BIG stained glass window in the center... created with plastic packaging, often used to hold 6 packs of beverages together. I picked it up while walking to a coffee shop last weekend in Birmingham,Alabama. It was in the road. Maddening that these are used!! They are so dangerous to animals, who get caught in them. I brought it home—and cut it slightly, to create the stained glass window. Added bronze paint, colorful beach glass.