ORIGINAL ~ Daisies in 17 x 14 Painted Vintage Wood Frame

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Stone daisies painted with white and golden yellow, with a touch of glitter--set in a charcoal gray background with charcoal vintage frame. 

Solid Construction. Made to last. 

No prints available. 

Doesn't every girl play the "he loves me, he loves me not game" with daisies? I always did from a young age and still can't resist to this day. Also, daisies are a happy, summer flower--one of the only flowers (weeds?) to be found at my childhood home. My parents were wonderful, but they did not garden! The cool thing about any of my daisy art is that there are the correct number of petals. If the stone petals were plucked, they would always land on "he loves me." A girl can dream... 

The charcoal frame/backing is timeless. There's something sophisticated about this color combination. Makes a great gift, as these flowers can remain on a wall for years.