“Free Fall” Tree in Vintage Frame

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“Free Fall”  

Original art in 18” x 22” vintage, upcycled frame  Frame and background are dark charcoal gray. Frame is coated with Fusion Mineral Paint, topped with FMP wax for durability. 

Leaves are a mix of rich chocolate brown, russet orange, and gold beach glass, with a bit of mustard yellow and barn red brushed over some of them. Plenty of smooth brown glass thrown in, so they sparkle when they catch the light. Branches are twisty driftwood salvaged from Lake Erie, swing is a sliver of Lake County (Ohio) salvaged barn wood, and “rope” is copper wire salvaged from my beach walks. 


As a child, I remember the huge metal swing sets at the school playground. We used to get ourselves going as high as we could, jump off—sometimes landing on our feet, sometimes tumbling into the grass. We played with such freedom, abandon, jumped with no idea what the landing would look like. Free fall...

As all adults do, I’ve had my road blocks. Most challenging, was being a single parent. The children and I lived in a couple of rental of rental properties; my son shimmied up a large tree to hang a tire swing in the first property, and then again to drop a wood swing from ropes at the second home. Something about those swings added a little magic to our lives. Because much of the time I was in “free fall,” with no idea where I’d land. 

Mixed media, original, signed art, constructed to last for generations. Subtle, soothing fall colors are timeless, elegant, classic. The back is wired for easy hanging. 

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