"Aristotle Tree" ~ ORIGINAL 32" x 44" DRIFTWOOD & METAL TREE

Regular price $ 1,500.00

Almost 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall, the "Aristotle Tree" needs a large wall. Both canvas and frame are painted a flat, creamy white to avoid competing with the varied colors and textures of metal and driftwood pieces. Notice the twisty metal top and the rusty nail towards the bottom of the tree. The vintage frame was a find, with its scalloped edges and soft details. This tree is timeless, can work with any decor, or colors. Sealed with matte product for safety, to preserve metal. 

Quality: The "Aristotle Tree" hung in my home for a few years and was always an attention grabber. Solidly constructed, this original was built to last. 


The Story...

This is one of my favorite driftwood trees. I came across a giant vintage framed canvas in 2012, and decided to make an enormous tree. It has graced my office, bedroom, dining room, and living room walls. Over the years, many offered to buy it; and I declined. Couldn't part with it. I took it to a gallery show in Cleveland about 6 year ago, and it sold within an hour. (And I've wanted to buy it back ever since.)

The Name...

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."   ~ Aristotle  

Since I began creating Beach in 2011, I've used the above quote in blogs, website, marketing materials. When I'm outdoors, I always feel a sense of wonder (no matter the season) and I've always identified with the sentiment expressed in the above Artistotle quote. Silly, but true.