"Poppies" Original Stone & Glass Art

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"Poppies" is housed in a 19 x 23 1/4" vintage frame. Both frame and canvas background are painted in my signature charcoal gray, not quite black. 

Flower petals are stones painted in a vibrant, metallic red. Their centers are clusters of brown beach glass topped with chocolate brown glitter, and a dash of gold glitter. Greenery in the bottom section is shades of green beach glass in varied textures, from matte to shiny; olive and deep green, grass green and some teal/blue green tones. There's also a hint of turquoise in the top half.  

A bit of a departure from my subdued color palettes. I often veer toward soothing, calming tones. "Poppies" is bold, filled with color and texture. It's strong, happy, and fun. 

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