The Barnwood Tree

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Original art was made on “The Lake Erie Pool House” episode of Barnwood Builders that first aired on Magnolia Network, at 9pm EST on February 1, 2024. 

EVERYBODY said Sherman wouldn’t make art. Everybody was wrong!! Sherman, Johnny and I sat at a picnic table at Mentor Headlands Beach… looking at collected glass and an empty piece of salvaged wood. 

Next thing we knew, Sherman had the beginnings of a tree. He had a white piece of glass on top, two white pieces at the bottom corners, and a mix of colored glass filling the tree in. Johnny was handing him pieces of colors he liked, setting them on the tree. The result was fantastic!! I’ve NEVER mixed all the colors, so the tree was unique!! 

I quickly started adhering the tree to the wood. And I left alone exactly what they (or we) made that day. Because really, it was just perfect!! 


Prints are available for those who watched the episode, so all can enjoy a little piece of what we created. They are fine art giclee prints, printed by my favorite gallery in Cleveland. The colors are vibrant, and the beach glass looks real. They’ll look great in any frame!! 

Print  is on 12” x 14” paper, with an 8” x 10” tree in the middle. The idea is that it fits inside any frame matted for 8” x 10” picture. Or center the tree with no mat. Lots of options!! 

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