Turquoise Beach Sea Glass Tree 11 x 14 Unframed Print

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Soft turquoise beach sea glass tree professionally scanned to create an 11" x 14" print.  Base of the tree is a rectangle beach stone, topper is metal found on the beach, and the tree is a collection of pale green and turquoise color beach glass. These trees look beautiful framed in gold, silver, and other metal frames. 

I often get my first request for these glass trees in the summer and I cannot make them fast enough during the fall months. I've been commissioned to make many beach glass and driftwood trees as gifts. Generally, I make 4-5 large, framed original glass trees per year, before running out of both glass and patience. In 2013, after depleting my green glass supply, I experimented with turquoise--and this color has been hugely successful. A happy accident!


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NOTE: In 2014 or 2015, I started making smaller beach glass trees on salvage wood. I made them for many years, but have slowed down in the last couple of years for lack of time.