White stone Chapel on Salvage Wood

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White painted stone church on 5 1/2” x 6 1/2” piece of salvage wood painted rich charcoal gray. Metal cross, metal salvaged silver ring, with a white and cobalt blue swirled marble chip at its center. Doors are slivers of scrap salvaged wood, washed with chocolate brown and black paint. 

This one will work best hanging on a wall, or in a picture holder. The stone church is heavy, tends to tip forward. 

Unique, one of a kind, mixed media art. All items used to create this art were found, salvaged from my walks on the beaches of Lake Erie, east of Cleveland. 

Background: I toyed with adding more detail, but after several days decided it is perfect as it is. The cross is classic, with simple lines and a twist of silver wire at its center. The marble is gorgeous—adding more beach glass would only detract from its beauty. Sometimes, less is more. 

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